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Why Palta Building Services?

Why Palta Building Services?

Our Pledge of Excellence

Customer service is the foundation of Palta Building Services. We provide our services to the best of our ability following our Pledge of Excellence below:

  1.  Deliver a clean building / area every time.
  2.  All services will be performed to contract specifications. We will go the extra mile to improve your building's appearance and cleanliness.
  3. All services will be performed following aseptic cleaning procedures with sanitary cleaning supplies and equipment.
  4. Maintain the security of your building. Only authorized cleaning personnel will be allowed in your building to perform cleaning functions. Palta personnel will not use client property in any manner including office equipment, or machinery. Palta will secure the building when leaving the premises, and will notify the client or manager of any security or maintenance problems.
  5. Palta Building Services maintains client confidentiality in all manners including employees, facilities and management.
  6. In the event of a customer satisfaction issue, Palta Building Services will work swiftly to resolve issues with any aspect of the services performed.

The bottom line is that customer satisfaction is our top priority. At Palta Building Services, not only do we have expertise and processes to take care of your needs, but we still deliver the level of client communication and care that you deserve.

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